Having spent the bulk of my career as a high-level Executive, I personally understand your struggles and why you’re hear looking for help. I also understand your independent nature, how hard it is to ask for help and your skepticism or doubt that anyone can really help.

I know the majority of your struggles need not exist. The phrase “struggle is optional”, although it seems far-fetched at the moment, is true.

When we’re struggling; when work feels like we’re trying to slog through quicksand; when our To Do list has become a mountain that we don’t have the energy to climb; when our heads are spinning or we fear a Sunday night panic attack, it’s because we’re out of alignment with source energy. Yes, that sounds a bit new-agey, and might be out of your comfort zone. I get that too as I used to think the same exact thing before I experienced it for myself.

When we’re in alignment with ourselves, with our life purpose and our intended contribution, everything is easy because we’re being energized and supported by the universe. When we’ve been pulled out of alignment because of limiting thoughts and beliefs, or by subconscious fears it’s like trying to grow a healthy garden with kinks in all the irrigation hoses. It’s a struggle.

As a leader, you also recognize that your health and well-being trickles down to those who support you and that the healthier you are mentally, emotionally and physically; the healthier those supporting you will be, and the healthier the company as a whole will be, which is win-win for all concerned.

Executive HypnoCoaching looks at the whole of you, because although you’re an executive, you’re also human and it’s your human struggles that are getting in the way of your full potential as a business leader.

Your Executive HypnoCoaching process is very thorough and has several main and sub components:

  1. Identify what true alignment is for you
  2. Understand how far out of alignment you are and what internal and external dynamics pulled you there.
  3. Define key goals and deliverables in all areas of life
  4. Prioritize goals and deliverables
  5. Experience the Mind Mapping Process
  6. Discover subconscious blocks that have been in the way of true success
  7. Systematically clear all primary and secondary blocks one by one, thereby clearing everything that stemmed from them
  8. Continue to monitor what’s shifting personally and professionally
  9. Monitor achievements and set new higher-level goals
  10. Continue the process until full alignment is achieved and momentum is moving in a steady and positive direction
  11. Anything you can conceive, you can achieve with access to 100% of your mind’s power. Look at what you’ve already achieved using only a portion.

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We work with so many people who have been laid off and are at odds as to where to head next. Folks who are in a dead end job, or one that’s totally unfulfilling, but are afraid of change, or afraid that if they let go of the security of their current job, there won’t be a net to catch them when they make the leap.

Hypno Career Coaching can help with all of those issues and many more. Each and everyone of us is totally unique. We’ve been created exactly the way we’re supposed to be in order to serve our unique purpose, and our subconscious minds know exactly what that custom-tailored purpose is. We are not here to follow in our parents’ footsteps or anyone else’s for that matter. We’re here to contribute in a big way, and your subconscious mind will help you find that purpose, clear all the blocks of fear that have previously been in your way, and pave the path to a truly fulfilling and rewarding future.

Option 1: 6, 1- 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 3 months: $2,900

Option 2: 12, 1- 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 6 months: $5,800