Having conducted over 20,000 hypnosis sessions and witnessed miraculous shifts as a result I’m 100% confident that HypnoCoaching, which accesses the other 90% of your mind’s capacity, can and will help you too.

These pages will answer many of your immediate questions. You’ll probably have a few more and I’ll have a handful for you as well to see whether I feel you’d be a good candidate and whether we’d be a good fit. It’s not for everyone, I’m not for everyone and everyone is not for me. Because the HypnoCoaching process is a major time and energy investment on my part, I only work with a dozen or so HypnoCoaching clients at a time, so fit is crucial all around.

If you’re seriously considering HypnoCoaching as a powerful tool for self and career advancement please complete the Success Evaluation paperwork and I’ll get back to you to schedule your initial 1-hour consultation if I feel the fit is right and to guild you to the help you need if not.